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Sony VENICE Unveils Virtual Production Firmware Update

Exciting updates have just been rolled out this week for Sony VENICE 2 users, with the release of firmware v3.0. Packed with new features, this firmware enhances an already powerful camera, placing a spotlight on virtual production functions and live production capabilities.

Virtual Production Features

A significant highlight of the update is the introduction of virtual production shooting support functions. Now, when shooting in environments where LED wall lighting and real lighting are combined for in-camera VFX, users are able to fine-tune the color reproduction of human skin tones. This is achieved by adjusting the color temperature of the LED wall and the mixing ratio of the LED wall lighting and actual lighting.

The firmware update also streamlines the process of adjusting genlock phase, allowing for immediate reflection of changes. This facilitates easier alignment of imaging phase relative to panel light emission, contributing to smoother production workflows.

Live Production Features

For live production settings, the VENICE 2 firmware v3.0 introduces several valuable enhancements. Users can now customize settings for remote control units, such as the RM-B170, even when RM/RCP Paint Control is off. This includes the ability to control white balance and shutter functions remotely, offering greater flexibility in live production setups.

The update also allows users to apply Looks as LUTs and utilize features like Saturation and Skin Detail control when RM/RCP Paint Control is on. Empowering users to fine-tune their output directly from the camera, enhancing efficiency and creative control during live broadcasting.

Additional Key improvements

In addition to these key improvements, the firmware update brings a host of other enhancements and optimizations. Notable additions include:

  • Users can now set an FPS value of 33.33 when the Project Frame Rate is at 24/25/50, resolving previous flickering and stuttering issues on the viewfinder screen during variable speed shooting.

  • In the 5.8K 17:9 imager mode, Zoom to Fit can now be set to 2.39:1 with a 2.0× de-squeeze ratio, allowing for high frame rate shooting of up to 90 FPS with anamorphic lenses.

  • Users can now conveniently toggle the Peaking display on/off using an assignable button. Furthermore, Log(Legal) can be selected as a LUT for S-Log3 output in the legal range, and ACES 1.0 Output-Rec.709 can be chosen as a LUT for Monitor output and viewfinder screen video when Input Color Space is set to ACEScct. Support for a 2.2:1 aspect marker display has also been added.

To obtain the latest firmware update, visit the official Sony Professional website at


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