On-Set Facilities


Artists Workstations

Used by the world’s top designers, AI and VFX artists, GODBOX Real-Time Graphic Workstations are built to power visual effects, 3D design, Animation, GPU Generative AI, Graphic Simulations, and the most demanding real-time applications.


Render Nodes

Developed for virtual production and immersive experiences, GODBOX Render Nodes enable users to design, collaborate, and create, inside real-time computer-generated immersive environments. 


Media Servers

GODBOX Media Servers provide the kind of latency optimised processing and HP storage, that’s required for real-time production at the edge, making de-centralised, synchronised, workflows a reality.


Massive User Interface

GODBOX MUI enables artists and developers to build immersive applications and experiences, where humans can see, control, and interact, with digital worlds using their own body, hands, and eyes.

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GODBOX provides innovation consultancy, solution design, and virtual production services, to a diverse range of companies operating in many sectors.

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