On-Set Facilities

Virtual Production and VFX Studios

On-Set Facilities operate at the forefront of real-time media production combining in-camera VFX, Virtual Production and post VFX into one cohesive production pipeline.

We consult, design, engineer, and supervise. We are a Welsh company based in London and North Wales, but you will find OSF crews working on sets and stages around the world.

On-Set Facilities opened in 2017 to enable Filmmakers to use Unreal Engine for real-time animation, visualisation and in-camera VFX.

Today, OSF is regarded as a world-leading virtual production and VFX studio, with credits in film, series, advertising, VR/AR, and games.

On-Set Facilities GODBOX.

Virtual Production Lead Asa Bailey.

Supervision Services

by On-Set Facilities

Script Evaluations

Our Virtual Production and VFX Supervisors evaluate, and budget virtual production and on-set VFX shoots for top filmmakers.


Pre-visualise in-camera (Vcam), scout technical production (Tech-Viz), and animate complex VFX shots (Pre-Viz), all in real-time.

World Building

From 2D plate capture, to 2.5 and 3D virtual sets, OSF design and deliver game engine ready virtual production and VFX assets.

On-Set Supervision

On-Set Facilities specialise in supervising virtual production and VFX shoots wherever required, on soundstages and out on-location.

VP Stage Design

Official ARRI Solution Partners, OSF design virtual production stages for both permanent and pop-up virtual productions.

3D Camera Tracking

Ncam GOLD and VICON Partners OSF provide camera tracking and motion capture systems for both indoors and on location shoots.

Stage Operation

OSF stage crews support and operate Unreal Engine virtual production pipelines, both on-set, and remotely, for stages worldwide.

On-Set Computing

OSF are the developers of GODBOX, the latency optimised, hybrid, computer platform developed for virtual production and VFX.

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