On-Set Facilities

Unreal Engine Virtual Production and VFX







Virtual Production Pipelines

Full service deployment of industry standard Unreal Engine 2D and 3D LED, Simulcam and Visualisation virtual production pipelines, On-Set Facilities provide a single real-time production platform and pipeline to deploy virtual production studios and pup-up stages worldwide.


Visualisation pipeline covers fully virtual environments, tech-viz, virtual scouting and pre-viz, experience 8K HDR virtual cinematography and real-time graphics.

Virtual Production Systems

Latency optimised computers to power Unreal Engine virtual production pipelines, On-Set Facilities are the developers of GODBOX the on-set computer platform developed for real-time virtual production. GODBOX is available to hire or purchase.


Simulcam pipeline, set-up and operation covers real-time live-action AR compositing with real-time VFX, 3D virtual sets and interactive stages.

Studio Services

  • Direction
  • VP Supervision
  • Visualisation
  • Production Design
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Location Scouting
  • LIDAR / Photogrammetry
  • 2D Plate Capture
  • Virtual Art Department
  • On-Set VP Systems Hire
  • Brain Bar Solutions
  • Stage Design and Build
  • Systems Operation
  • Pipeline Training
  • Technical Support

In-Camera VFX

In-Camera VFX and interactive lighting covers 2 defined 10bit LED IC-VFX workflows, these are 3D scene projection & 2D media playback projection.