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About On-Set Facilities

Asa Bailey, a seasoned Digital Creative and Virtual Production Supervisor, has carved a significant niche in the digital media production realm over an illustrious 25-year journey. His freelance ethos, coupled with a deep-seated expertise in Digital Media Production, Computer Science, and Visual Effects, has rendered him a sought-after name in the industry.


Now at the helm of his own venture, On-Set Facilities, Asa isn't steering the ship alone. Alongside him is his son, Ruben Bailey, who, despite his young age, holds the crucial position of Technical Director.


Ruben's journey began under the tutelage of his father as an apprentice, a rigorous three-year endeavour that honed his technical acumen. This foundation paved the way for his current role, where he leads many technical aspects of the company.

The father-son duo has collaborated on notable projects, each bringing a unique set of skills to the table. Their combined efforts are particularly evident in works like Silo Season II, When Sharks Attack 360, and TV commercials for esteemed brands like BMW and Coca-Cola. Asa's creative mastery and Ruben's adept handling of technical operations form a synergistic powerhouse that propels On-Set Facilities to the forefront of innovative media production.

Notable Credits: Silo - Season 2, Apple TV (Camera Tracking Lead) When Sharks Attack 360 - Nat Geo, Disney+ (Camera Tracking Lead) One Hundred Years of Solitude - Netflix (VP Consultant) El Eternauta - Netflix (VP Consultant) Sugar Rush - Netflix (Vcam Pre-Viz Lead) and a plethora of other projects, manifesting a broad spectrum of roles in Direction, Visual Effects, and Virtual Production.

On-Set Facilities isn't just a venture; it's a legacy in the making. As Asa continues to pioneer in the industry, he's passing the torch to Ruben, ensuring the company's ethos of innovation, excellence, and collaborative spirit continues to thrive in the digital creative domain.


Together, they not only offer top-tier virtual production services but also embody a continuum of innovation, learning, and excellence, marking On-Set Facilities as a family legacy poised to contribute significantly to the global media production industry for years to come.

Whether you're envisaging a high-end commercial, a captivating TV series, or cinematic film, game, or VR experience, your journey begins with a conversation.


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On-Set Facilities

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On-Set Facilities

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