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OSF Founder Asa Bailey talks to The Foundry 


Director & On-Set Supervisor Asa Bailey talks to The Foundry about his virtual production philosophy.

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Optimizing V-Ray for Unreal Engine

Optimising V-Ray for Unreal Engine

V-Ray is one of the worlds biggest physically-based renderers which is used in a variety of markets from architectural firms to visual effects. The Chaos Group (which owns and develops[…]

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A New Breed of Cinematographers

Rise of the Robot Cameraman

With the growth of game engines and their ever growing abilities, they’re bringing forth a totally new way of shooting content. The film industry is dominated by visual FX and[…]

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AI Invisibility in Unreal Engine

ASA BAILEY / DIRECTOR & VFX SUPERVISOR “AI driven HLSL materials are coming to UE.” Asa Bailey, Founder On-set Facilities. Linkedin   When you see one thing and it makes you[…]

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