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Empowering Media Production with Cutting-Edge Technology

On-Set Facilities is a leading Production Technology Integration Specialist, transforming media production through advanced technology solutions and expert integration services. We partner with industry giants like NVIDIA, ARRI, and Zeiss to deliver state-of-the-art virtual production environments, from LED stages to in-camera VFX and AI-driven workflows. Our innovative approaches have significantly reduced production costs and enhanced creative outcomes for clients like Netflix, Apple, and Coca-Cola, to name a few.


Virtual Production Solutions

  • LED Stages & In-Camera VFX: Experience real-time visual effects and seamless integration on set.

  • AI Integration: Implement generative AI to streamline production workflows and elevate creative capabilities.

Expert Support and Training

  • Technical Direction & Supervision: Trusted by top-tier productions for reliable and innovative on-set support.

  • Comprehensive Training: Empower your team with the latest technology through our tailored training programs.

Case Studies

  • Netflix: Achieved up to 40% cost reduction using virtual scouting and production visualization.

  • Apple TV's SILO Season 2: Enabled real-time VFX visualization, improving shot accuracy and performance.

  • Coca-Cola: Supervised virtual production for high-speed camera tracking, reducing post-production costs.

  • GSK Voltorol: Deployed remote production solutions during the pandemic, minimizing travel and environmental impact.

  • COP27 Climate Event: Facilitated global location shooting in a single studio, reducing costs and environmental footprint.

Contact Us

On-Set Facilities bookings and business enquiries please call:

+44 7714 657666

United Kindgdom

On-Set Facilities

Aria Studios, Unit 8 Bryn Cefni Industrial Park, North Wales, LL77 7XA


On-Set Facilities

Elecroshock Studios, 1320 Main Street, Venice, Los Angeles, CA 90291


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