On-Set Facilities

Virtual Production and the Metaverse

GODBOX CEO Asa Bailey at APCP.


Visualisation pipeline covers fully virtual environments, tech-viz, virtual scouting and pre-viz, experience 8K HDR virtual cinematography and real-time graphics.


Simulcam pipeline, set-up and operation covers real-time live-action AR compositing with real-time VFX, 3D virtual sets and interactive stages.

One platform One vision


GODBOX is the hybrid computer platform developed to deliver real-time system feedback in the shortest amount of time.

When users, AI, data sources, and systems all need to interact with each other in real-time, system latency is critical.

GODBOX uses a unique solution architecture that improves processing times to reduce real-time system latency. 

Massive User Interface

Going beyond the mouse and desktop of traditional computing, GODBOX combines multiple user input and display devises, into one Massive User Interface (Mui).

Machine vision, 3D tracking, interactive screens, VR headsets, AR VFX, capture and multiple synchronised displays, all combine on one processing platform. GODBOX redefines the computer system architecture for the real-time interactive world.

Knowledge Sharing

On-Set Facilities (OSF) deploy GODBOX solutions worldwide, providing the hardware, software and training to enable GODBOX users to build systems that enable people and companies to create and collaborate in real-time, between the real and virtual world.

Every GODBOX solutions come with expert training in all aspects of virtual production and real-time VFX, with a host of training modules available for multiple use cases.


In-Camera VFX

In-Camera VFX and interactive lighting covers 2 defined 10bit LED IC-VFX workflows, these are 3D scene projection & 2D media playback projection.

One platform One vision

VP Consultancy

Full service deployment, on-set and remote support of industry standard Unreal Engine 2D and 3D LED, Simulcam and Visualisation virtual production pipelines. 

On-Set Facilities provide GODBOX solutions as a single real-time production platform and pipeline, to deploy virtual production studios and pup-up stages worldwide.

System Hire & Sales

Latency optimised computers to power Unreal Engine virtual production pipelines, On-Set Facilities are the developers of GODBOX the on-set computer platform developed for real-time virtual production. 

The GODBOX platform and computers are available to hire or purchase or as part of a full virtual production service.

Worldwide Support

OSF operate out of the UK with offices and crew in many cities around the world. OSF support virtual studios and stages via direct remote access and on-set.

Talk to us about your virtual production business or production. We are available to assist you in building VP studios and stages as well as providing technology and crew.