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Lower latency higher FPS

OSF empower creators with professional real-time virtual production workstations, VP tools and systems.

OSF Render Engine

Why choose OSF

Accelerate creative production with OSF real-time virtual production systems.

About OSF
Real-time Rendering

Maintain maximum FPS with OSF real-time workstations.

Open Camera Tracking

Integrates and supports all camera tracking technologies.

Zero Latency Monitoring

View action in true real-time with 0 latency on-set monitoring.

Realtime Compositing

Record SDI 422 10bit real-time VFX and live action.

Real-time Motion Capture

Animate using facial and full body mo-cap in real-time.

Open Camera Systems

Integrate all professional optical camera system with SDI output.

Asa Bailey On-Set Facilities

On-set support for your first virtual production

We not only design and install new VP systems, we also support and train crews to deliver thier first real-time virtual production.

Asa Bailey
Virtual Production Director

On-Set Virtual Production PC Workstation

Battle tested on-set

System design set-up and support

Designed for real-time production, OSF hardware is sure to impress, but it is our on-set technical and practical knowledge that we are renowned for.

Our added value is our understanding of how virtual production hardware and software all fits together and we show you how to use it.

OSF Motion Capture Helmet

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