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Virtual Production Jobs at OSF

Join The Future of Filmmaking with OSF

🌍 Global - Virtual Production Crew Wanted

We're looking for the daring and the innovative. If you're seeking an on-set role in virtual production that blends art with technology and global adventure, read on.

At OSF (On-Set Facilities), we are casting for our Global Virtual Production Crew who run, operate, and manage, a number of the world's top LED virtual production stages, in the USA, Canada, South America, UK, and Europe.

We are looking for experienced industry leaders and new industry entrants:

  • Virtual Production Supervisors: You will have screen credits and at least 3 years experience. Guide our projects from concept to completion, blending creative vision with technical expertise. Alongside overseeing the sophisticated VP pipelines and the seamless integration of live-action and virtual elements, you'll manage studio facilities and lead the creative direction of our crew. This role demands a unique blend of leadership skills, deep knowledge of virtual production methodologies, and the ability to foster integration across all departments. Your strategic oversight will ensure that our studio facilities are optimized for every project, facilitating a collaborative environment where technology and creativity converge.

  • Unreal Engine Technical Directors: Experienced with a minimum of 2 years of on-set Unreal Engine experience in VP related roles, responsible for crafting visual content in Unreal Engine, you’ll bring technical expertise in real-time graphics, VFX, and engine optimizations. Familiarity with Unreal Engine’s blueprint scripting, lighting techniques, and performance management in a virtual production context is required.

  • Camera Tracking Supervisors: You're an experienced motion capture / camera tracking technical director or supervisor with at least 3 years on-set operation experience. The role is pivotal in integrating live-action with virtual environments, under production critical and time pressured working conditions - seeking perfection on-set. Mastery of camera tracking software, an understanding of match-move software, and experience with on-set VFX supervision will ensure the accuracy and quality of our virtual productions.

  • VAD Stage Artists: With a focus on creating and modifying virtual environments, you'll need proficiency in 3D modeling, texturing, and animation within Unreal Engine. Experience in designing virtual sets, props, and characters, as well as an understanding of real-time rendering techniques, is essential.

  • Trainee VP Studio Positions: We are looking for people who are interested in global travel, have clear understanding and demonstrable skills in Unreal Engine, modeling, cinematics, graphic design, rendering, generative AI, and virtual production. You must be able to provide links to a portfolio of work, screen shots, example 3D, videos, and be ready to travel with and be trained by the world's top VP crew.

Key Details

  • Be Ready to Roam: Must have a Local or UK, USA, or European passport for international ease of travel.

  • Please outline any VP training and credits that you may have, those with existing credits for shows and films will be at an advantage.

  • Duration: Join us for short and long term crew contracts ranging from 4 months to 2 years, with projects spanning the globe (we provide and organize work permits).

  • Compensation: Your skills are valuable; we offer competitive pay reflective of your experience and the magic you bring.

  • Interviews will be held via video call with our Supervisors over the coming weeks, interview call times are based on Canadian CST (Central Standard Time).

  • Our Quest: Work on innovative projects across films and high-end series for various studios around the world, both independent and major.

We’re Looking For

Innovators at heart, with a strong technical foundation and a professional edge.

  • Individuals ready for the challenges and rewards of working on a global stage.

  • Talent that’s eager to push the envelope in virtual production, leveraging advanced technology and creative solutions.

How to Apply

Start by sharing your resume, portfolio showcasing your best work, and a brief cover letter. Tell us about your professional journey, your technical skills, and what draws you to the cutting edge of virtual production. Email your CV, Credits, Covering letter and links to your work examples to 


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