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Introducing AI VFX Breakdown GPT from On-Set Facilities

Create initial script breakdowns in minutes.

Streamlining Script Analysis for VFX Supervisors, On-Set Facilities is excited to announce the launch of our free AI VFX Breakdown GPT, a powerful AI tool designed to revolutionize the initial script analysis process for professional VFX producers and VFX supervisors.

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This innovative application harnesses the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT platform to provide rapid, preliminary VFX breakdowns in an easy-to-use table format.

Key Features AI VFX Breakdown

  1. Rapid Script Analysis: The GPT reads your script and generates an initial VFX breakdown, significantly reducing the time required for the first pass of script evaluation.

  2. Table Format Output: Results are presented in a clear, organized table for easy reference.

  3. Initial Difficulty Assessment: Each identified VFX shot is assigned a preliminary difficulty level.

  4. Export Options: Users can request CSV or PDF exports of the breakdown for further use and refinement.

The VFX Breakdown GPT is available to anyone with an OpenAI account, whether free or paid, making it accessible to a wide range of professionals in the film and media industry.

Optimizing Your Experience

To ensure the best results from this free service, we recommend the following approach:

  1. Script Segmentation: Break your script into 20-page chunks. Our testing has shown this to be the optimal length for accurate analysis and to minimize the risk of AI hallucinations or false results.

  2. Iterative Process: Follow an "Upload - Analyse - Repeat" workflow:

  • Upload a 20-page chunk

  • Review and analyse the results

  • Proceed to the next 20-page segment

  1. Human Oversight: While this tool is a valuable aid, it's not intended for unsupervised use. VFX supervisors should use the output as a starting point for their professional breakdowns.

Protecting Your IP and Privacy

  • Temporary Storage: The script is stored temporarily only for the duration needed to complete your requested analysis. Once the analysis is done, the file is not retained.

  • No Training Data: The content of your script is not used to train AI models or incorporated into any form of long-term data storage or learning systems.

  • Privacy Assurance: The environment adheres to strict privacy and security guidelines to ensure your script's content remains confidential.

  • Exclusive Access: Your script is only accessible to the specific environment used for your analysis. No one else can read, access, or download your script.

The On-Set Facilities AI VFX Breakdown GPT is designed to complement and enhance the work of VFX professionals, not replace it. It is just one example of how On-Set Facilities AI pipelines are changing film and media production industry.

By providing a quick initial analysis, it allows supervisors to focus their expertise on refining and expanding upon the AI-generated breakdown.

To find out more about AI optimisation for film and media production, talk to the team at


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