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Search and On-Set Facilities Partner to deploy AI Lip-Syncing at Scale.

On-Set Facilities and Forge Partnership to Elevate AI Deployment for Content Localisation.

LONDON – On-Set Facilities (OSF), a global leader in virtual production, announces a new partnership with 'Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies', the award winning VFX house and software developers of AI technologies: Vanity AI, and LipDub AI™ localisation software.

The LipDub AI™ localisation platform’s revolutionary technology redefines the frontiers of localisation by using AI to automatically lip-sync actors' lip movements with dubbed audio tracks in any language – in minutes, not months.

This collaboration is set to transform the deployment of AI-driven localisation across the film, television, and entertainment sectors. With On-Set Facilities providing the specialist human expertise that's required to manage and make multi-language content and AI more accessible and engaging than ever before.

Using dubbed audio files recorded in any language, LipDub AI™ allows for seamless lip-syncing of video content into any language, ensuring perfect lip synchronization, enhancing the viewer's experience, improving viewership retention and completion metrics.

When quality matters, creators choose LipDub AI™.

The platform produces the most expressive, high-fidelity, and photoreal lip-sync results on the market to satisfy the most technical requirements. Content creators can now localise their productions, expanding their global reach without compromising quality by leveraging OSF experts with LipDub AI™ workflow.

Services Provided by On-Set Facilities employing LipDub AI™ software include:

Advanced Project Management OSF will leverage its industry-leading expertise to provide end-to-end project management services for the integration of LipDub AI™ technology, ensuring efficient and effective implementation from start to finish.

Technical Supervision and Workflow Integration OSF’s team of experts will ensure the optimal use of LipDub AI™ solutions, offering technical supervision, workflow optimization, and real-time support to maximize the technology’s benefits.

Training and Support OSF will deliver comprehensive training sessions and continuous support, empowering users to fully utilize LipDub AI™ capabilities, fostering innovation across productions.

Custom Deployment Solutions Recognizing the diverse needs of each project, OSF will collaborate with OSF customers using LipDub AI™ to develop tailored deployment strategies, ensuring creative and technical objectives are met with precision.

Dub Recording Services Expanding its suite of services, On-Set Facilities will utilize its network of production resources to offer professional dub recording services. This enables LipDub AI™ customers to create new dub tracks, optimized for use with the LipDub AI™ platform, and facilitating seamless content localisation across any language.

“This partnership signifies a leap forward in making multi-language content creation more seamless and accessible,” said Asa Bailey, Founder of On-Set Facilities. “Combining OSF’s project management and virtual production expertise with LipDub AI’s innovative AI technology allows us to offer AI deployment services and efficiency in media production.”

Andrew More, Vice President of Sales at LipDub AI™, added, “We are excited to partner with On-Set Facilities. Their ability to provide customers with professional dub recording services, along with project management and technical supervision, will significantly enhance the value we deliver to our customers, enabling creators to bring diverse and engaging content to a global audience.”

For more information about On-Set Facilities and its partnership with LipDub AI™, please visit To tap into the power of AI-enabled lip sync technology, join the community by visiting


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