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On-Set Facilities Partners with Aria Film Studios to Elevate Film Production Offering in North Wales

NORTH WALES, ANGLESEY — On-Set Facilities (OSF), specialists in film production technology, are pleased to announce a new partnership with Aria Film Studios. This collaboration signifies a merging of OSF's technological prowess with Aria's esteemed studio environment, aiming to enhance the filmmaking process in the scenic heart of Wales.


On-Set Facilities (OSF), recognised for their work for industry giants like Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV, will enhance the offering for filmmakers who shoot at Aria Film Studios. OSF use the latest production technologies, from pre-visualisation through to post. They are renowned for optimising the content production process, offering services such as on-set visualisation, motion capture, camera tracking, virtual production, and virtual set design, and all will now be available at Aria.

Aria Film Studios has two purpose-built acoustic stages in the heart of North Wales and is surrounded by an array of stunning landscapes - mountain ranges, seascapes, ancient castles and quarries which are such a constant attraction to film and tv productions. With a range of ancillary areas including well-equipped workshops, production offices, wardrobe facilities, and make-up suites they can service any production.

On-Set Facilities Virtual Studio

"We are incredibly excited about this collaboration with On Set Facilities," said Iddon Jones, Studio Executive at Aria Film Studios. "By utilising their expertise in virtual production, we can enhance our storytelling capabilities and bring even more captivating and immersive films to our audiences. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of embracing technology while maintaining the authenticity and beauty of North Wales."

Asa Bailey, Supervisor and Lead Consultant at OSF expressed his excitement: "Aria Film Studios offers a clean canvas for us to scale our technology to a full-size state-of-the-art facility like Aria, our new full-time home. This partnership is a testament to the evolution of film-making, here in North Wales, where technology and traditional artistry coalesce." Combining the studio's excellent facilities, and stunning natural landscapes with OSF’s cutting-edge virtual production capabilities, this partnership promises to deliver unparalleled cinematic experiences for audiences worldwide.

For more information about Aria Film Studios and On Set Facilities please visit their respective websites at and


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