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Free Fire Undefeated | On-Set Facilities

The On-Set Facilities team worked closely Player 2 productions and director Chaw Khanawutikarn on the Free Fire Undefeated short film. Providing the production with the In-Camera VFX solution design, installation and training, all remotely during the 2021 pandemic.

Asa Bailey Virtual Production supervised the production remotely, working with HODs and local teams to aid in the volume design, set-up and operation from early pre-production through to principle photography.

Whilst Technical Director Ruben Bailey supported local teams in the solution pre-production training and on-set operation.

  • Production Company: Player 2 Bangkok

  • Director: Chaw Khanawutikarn

  • VP Supervisor: Asa Bailey

  • VP Technical Director: Ruben Bailey

Free Fire Undefeated Photo gallery:


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