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Build your perfect AI PC with AI PC Builder GPT

Today, tech customization is no longer a luxury but a necessity, AI PC Builder, developed by On-Set Facilities, delivers the first truly personal custom AI PCs. Known for their high performance GODBOX PCs - the powerhouse behind real-time VFX on movie sets - their latest venture is set to redefine personalized computing.

Using the new GPT users can check the latest PC component prices as well as generate personalised full PC system specifications. The user can complete the PC building experience by either buying the components and assembling the PC themselves, or they can use the AI to order the PC to be delivered to their door.

Choosing to submit the AI generated system spec on the website OSF engineers will cost up, hand build, soak test, and deliver, the customers PC.

A Leap in Custom PC Building

AI PC Builder leverages the advanced capabilities of GPT, offering a service that's not just about assembling parts, but about crafting a computing experience that's tailor-made for each user. This AI-driven platform ensures that every component is not just compatible but optimized for performance. AI PCs are personalised for both software and hardware.

Harnessing the Power of GODBOX

The expertise behind GODBOX PCs, used in demanding virtual production environments, is now channeling into custom PC builds. Coupled with the technological prowess of supplying accelerated computing, AI PC Builder is more than a service - it's a synergy of the best in AI and graphics technology.

Democratizing Advanced AI Technology

Gone are the days when cutting-edge tech was reserved for the few. AI PC Builder makes this accessible to all GPT+ users, bringing the power of high-end, customized computing to the masses.

Features of AI PC Builder

AI-Driven Compatibility Checks: Say goodbye to compatibility headaches. The AI ensures that every component in your build is compatible, taking the guesswork out of PC assembly.

Real-Time Price Monitoring: Leveraging AI for real-time price tracking, AI PC Builder ensures you get the best deals on components, balancing quality and budget.

Professional Assembly and Delivery: Offering a full-service experience, the platform provides professional assembly and safe delivery of your custom-built PC.

Tailored to Your Needs: Whether for gaming, professional work, or AI applications, AI PC Builder tailors your PC to your specific requirements.

GPT+ Access: This service is not just for a select few; it's available to all GPT+ users, democratizing access to advanced AI-driven PC building.

AI PC building truly personal PCs.

AI PC Builder is more than a service; it's a transformation in how we approach PC building. It empowers users, from seasoned techies to newcomers, to design PCs that meet their exact needs without the traditional complexities. The integration of GPT technology ensures that the process is not just efficient but also intelligent, providing guidance and suggestions based on the latest tech trends and user requirements.


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