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AI Animation in Unreal Engine 5

Motorica AI, the motion-synthesis AI start-up, unvieled their first public alpha plugin for Unreal Engine 5 this week. The plugin aims to bring the power of AI animation to developers, and optimize traditional animation workflows. Offering Unreal developers a suite of new and exciting motion synthesising tools.

The Motorica AI plugin requires users to define the general style of animation, from a selection of style nodes, and keyframe a simple locational trajectory of the character. Motorica AI will then take over to provide users with a fully unique animations for the sequence, perfectly aligned with animation curves, eliminating foot slippages, and eradicating looping animations.

Virtual Production Services

Developers can now focus solely on refining the performance aspect of their creations. By tweaking the style mixer and experimenting with various style nodes, to achieve their desired performance with ease.

Once satisfied with the results, users can conveniently save the generated animations directly within the Unreal Engine editor, ready for retargeting to custom avatars.

Improvements Coming to Motorica AI

Motorica is still in very early development and has a extensive list of upcoming improvements, scheduled for release in the coming months. Some of these improvements include extended support for Metahuman rigging, custom avatar generations removing the need for retargeting and improved support for unhuman skeleton structures.


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