About On-Set Facilities


ABOVE: In 2018 in Madrid, OSF released a virtual set solution that put live action human performances into 360º augmented reality virtual sets.

On-Set Facilities (OSF) is the British technology company founded in 2015 with the ambition of becoming the World’s leading real-time virtual production company and system integrator of real-time VFX and graphic system.

Today, headquartered in London’s famed Pinewood Studios, OSF have the vision, expertise and plan to convert potential to kinetic, ushering in the new wave of Real Time, Virtual & VFX multi-media production by converging the latest advances in VFX, Game Development, MoCap, Camera Tracking, 360/VR immersion, Volumetric Capture and 4D character animation.

The Foundry interview OSF founder Asa Bailey.