About On-Set Facilities

Director of Virtual Production

Cinematographer Asa Bailey founded the On-Set Facilities to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world.

On-set, Asa combines live-action cinematography with real-time lighting, VFX, virtual sets, 3D animation, and performance capture systems to enable Directors and Producers to embrace real-time virtual production.

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Virtual Cinematography
Worldwide On-Set Support

With expertise in Unreal Engine Studio, cinematography, on-set data acquisition, and real-time VFX our Unreal Engine crew can be found on sets worldwide.

Unreal Engine Virtual Studios

On-Set Facilities design and build virtual production studios using Unreal Engine to generate real-time VFX and virtual production data for TV, film and VR/AR productions.

Production Design

Working in 3D applications and Unreal Engine Studio we create optimised virtual production assets such as props, sets and characters for real-time production.

A New Breed of Cinematographers

Next Generation Production

On-Set Facilities occupies the BBC Wales studio at Wrexham Glyndwr University where we bring together industry and education to train the next generation of production professionals.

Wrexham Glyndwr University