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What is Virtual Production?

What is Virtual Production? A difficult and complex question to answer in one sentence, due to virtual productions adolescence and dependence of new emerging technologies. But we’ll try. In essence virtual production is the combining of physical and virtual world(s) in real-time.

Is it just about filmmaking?

Certainly not, Virtual Production is Digitization, it isn’t locked to one specific industry, the technologies and methodologies involved span across almost all industries from Media Production to Agriculture. With the same core values in each market, to provide real-time creation, collaboration, and innovation, whilst supporting existing workflows. Obviously being in the film industry, at OSF we look at Virtual Production through the lens of content creation and digital entertainment, mostly. If you think of virtual production as purely for film and entertainment, is to miss many of its real-world applications. But for now, back to the filmmaking.

Virtual Set Design

Examples of Virtual Production

Virtual production has grown exponentially within the media production market in recent years, infecting each stage of production from development through to post. Some key examples of virtual production innovation would be pre-visualization, world capture, In-camera VFX and Simul-cams.

Previsualization – A collaborative process that generates preliminary versions of shots or sequences using a virtual environment. It enables filmmakers to visually explore creative ideas, plan technical solutions, and communicate a shared vision for efficient production.

World Capture – The use of LIDAR, photography, video and other references to translate real-world spaces into digital assets and virtual environments.

In-Camera VFX – The process of capturing visual effects live and in-camera on set. A main example of in-camera visual effects is the use of LED volumes.

Simul-cam – The live compositing of virtual elements with live-action. Used for previewing virtual characters and environments during live-action cinematography.

Further Resources

To find out more about virtual production see below our favourite resources for reliable and up to date information on current projects, technologies and expert views.

The Virtual Production Glossary – The VP Glossary is a industry supported resource with constant updates and additions of the latest developments within the virtual production market place. The glossary is supported by the likes of: Visual Effects Society, the American Society of Cinematographers, Epic Games, and Netflix.

The Virtual Production Field Guide – A useful resource from Epic Games providing readers with market overviews, updates and industry testimonies. (Volume 1 , Volume 2)

Epic Developer Community Although Unreal Engine isn’t the only real-time engine, it does hold a majority within the market place and for users jumping into the engine for themselves the developer community by epic games is a crucial resource. Providing users with advice, trouble shootings and discussions amongst peers.

Virtual Production Process for film and media
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