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Virtual Production Supervisor Asa Bailey Talks at APCP 2022

[Translated from APCP website] Association of Advertising Producers (APCP) We also had Asa Bailey, Director, and Founder of On-Set Facilities (OSF) for the presentation ‘The future of virtual production and real-time visual effects”.

Introducing us to this new tool, now part of the mainstream production process, he assures that most of today’s projects use virtual production to some extent. With millions of subscribers on a worldwide level, streaming platforms and their users demand a humongous quantity of content every week.

This entails the mass production of films and other genres of content, as well as a global change in the industry, expanding it and, as consequence, expanding the possibilities. Nonetheless, this happens beyond the technological level, the demand for professionals and diverse stories rises as well.

‘People look for an escape from entertainment, they wish to see different stories and worlds. That is what makes it a real challenge’. As a response to this paradigm, real-time VFX have become the solution, since they allow to intervene and add effects long before the post-production phase.

Its maximum expression is the VFX on set. Thanks to this, working times go down considerably. Paying more attention to the project’s pre-production and visualisation the only thing left to do is perfecting the final image later on. To sum up, he defines it as ‘technology created in real time with a computer’. The GODBOX computer system developed by Bailey at OSF, first went on-set in 2016 and was the worlds first dedicated on-set computer platform, latency optimised and re-architected for real-time virtual production.

Still, he is aware that ‘it isn’t for everybody’ even though it can be a lifesaver that solves creative problems for those occasions when the client demands promptness or the real world does not meet the criteria needed, and making it possible to create a large amount of content in different formats.

GODBOX and the VP pipelines Bailey’s company provide to productions, has been designed to work with in sound stages and virtual studios, but virtual production can also be found in pop-ups making it possible to use it everywhere as needed.

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