On-Set Facilities

Virtual Production Lead

Asa Bailey currently serves as the Studio Virtual Production Supervisor at Netflix, where he is responsible for overseeing virtual production and innovation across a slate of titles in series, films, and non-scripted.

In addition, Asa is the Founder of virtual production company, On-Set Facilities where he continues to leads a collaborative group of developers, artists, and technicians.

Asa’s clients include major studios, platforms, agencies, and brands, that include COP27, Coca-Cola, BMW, GSK, and Shutterstock, Netflix, and commercial production companies, Hogarth and RSA, and technology manufacturers ARRI, NVIDIA, Vicon, Ncam, Unity and Unreal Engine, to name a few.

Asa Bailey Credits
Asa Bailey Work

Virtual Production TD

Ruben works as a Virtual Production Technical Director overseeing projects from initial visualization through to production.

Ruben started his career in Virtual production in 2016 solely focusing on real-time VFX and virtual production.

Ruben is a Co-Founder of On-Set Facilities where he leads a collaborative group of developers, technicians and designers.

Ruben’s clients include several studios, agencies, and brands, that include the likes of Coca-Cola, BMW, Shutterstock, and Netflix.

Ruben Bailey Credits
Ruben Bailey Work

Multilayer Point Cloud

NEYT Miguel
Virtual production Producer

Miguel NEYT is a citizen of the world passionated by imagery and storytelling. At
age 22, he entered the world of the small screen from China as a TV presenter in CCTV9 and a voice actor. 

In 2009, he started working as Asia Manager for a french Virtual Studio technology creator. From then on, he spent years learning the technologies surrounding green screen productions. The leap from the small to the big screen was just about creating the right opportunity. 

That opportunity was zLense, a technology designed by a team of talented engineers and imagery experts that applies depth detection to video production. In 2020, Miguel partnered up with the creators and became the CEO and co-founder of the zLense company. 

In 2022 the zLense team joined On-Set Facilities to deploy virtual production pipelines for clients in Europe.

GERGELY Feldhoffer (Flugi)
Senior Solutions Engineer

Feldhoffer Gergely is a PhD, a programmer and co-founder of zLense. He has been working in software R&D since 1999. Made his PhD in multimodal signal processing
between 2005 and 2010. Now he teaches programming related courses in Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Budapest. 

He has worked on projects related to speech processing, GPU programming, image and video processing, sensor handling (from 3D cameras to ultrasonic devices), software architecture and software team management.

In the zLense project, he is part
of the core software team from the beginning and is responsible for experimental prototyping of possible solutions, and the distribution of tasks.

Virtual Production Stage Set

Virtual Production Technical Director

Norbert Komenczi has graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest as a television director. He worked as a freelance director from 1999-2010 for TV
shows, music videos and commercials. He directed short movies and documentaries as well.

Meanwhile he had started to study digital VFX and became familiar with such software as Fusion, Nuke, 3ds Max, PFTrack, and Avid Media Composer.

In 2010 he was one of the founders of zlense and the initiator of the project. Since then he has been working on the 3D and compositing side of the project, responsible for the development of Unreal related workflow and managing customer production teamwork.

Senior Tech Advisor & VP Supervisor

Ferenc Koscso has three decades of experience in cinema, television, software
development and project management behind him. As an engineer, he started one of the very first university TV studios in Central Europe. He then moved on to becoming the CTO in the very first post-production studio in Hungary where he assumed the roles of creative animator, cameraman and editor.

In Parallel, he used all this experience to start a system integrator company focusing on creativity and innovation-based system design and operation. He has built and supplied hundreds of production systems and was an Avid distributor for over 20 years.

On top of working in cinema and television productions in various supervisory roles, Ferenc has been working with zLense as a technical and sales advisor since 2014.