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OSF Support

On-Set Facilities™ support

Virtual production support

A network of over 1200 VP Supervisors, On-Set Technicians, Engineers and Developers.

Unreal Engine Support

Unreal Engine certified Virtual Production Supervisors, VP Technicians, and Trainers.

Mo-Sys Support

OSF-MO-SYS on-set and back-stage System Engineers, Developers and Support Crew.

Arri Systems Support

Arri Certified Systems Partners, OSF provide studio design, lighting and infrastructure.

Studio build and set-up

On-Set Facilities™ build and set-up different studios from blue and green screens to emerging real-time production technologies , LED wall, motion and volumetric capture stages.

System Design and Integration

Create a system which reaches all of your unique production needs. On-Set Facilities™ works to integrate all systems to work with your existing technologies and pipelines.

Pipeline Integration

On-Set Facilities™ systems produce industry standard VFX assets that integrate easily into post-production VFX pipelines. We’ll train your team to work with virtual production data assets. 

Calibrated Cameras, Cranes & Camera Tracking

Cameras, calibrated lenses, cranes & camera tracking system to ensure perfect realtime compositing between digital environments, virtual sets and soundstage.

Face & Body Motion Capture

Installation of optical motion capture hardware and software to support realtime animation of digital characters and composite of live actors and digital characters on the same set.

System Installation & Support

Standardised equipment, software, and configuration translates into a robust sustainable solution. Return systems to default configurations fast. Our engineers available online or on-site.

Virtual Production Training

Training for your producers, directors, cinematographers, system operators, editors, environment and character designers on how to produce film and television content in real time with our solutions.

Virtual production supervisors and crew

Our support in reviewing your budgets, production schedules, digital environment and digital character files. We provide crew during preproduction up until onset shooting. 

On-Set support costs

On-set support

OSF design and install virtual production systems on an annual SLA basis and provide reduced rate worldwide virtual production system support and training.

* Price shown not including system hardware or software other fees and subscriptions may apply.


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