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UE5 VP Pipeline Training

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The complete solution for virtual production crew and developers, OSF Unreal Engine Virtual Production Pipeline Training covers 2D/3D In-Camera VFX (LED), Real-Time Visualisation (Vcam), and Simulcam (Green/Blue Screen) shooting.

UE5 VP Pipeline Training

Unreal Engine Virtual Production Pipeline Training

On-Set Facilities provide professional industry standard training for native Unreal Engine virtual production pipelines. By native, we mean all you need is Unreal Engine. With the added benefit of adding professional industry plug-ins and technologies as required. Price shown is for remote teaching per pipeline per person, per day. On-site training is also available at On-Set Facilities Production Innovation Centres.

The pipeline training on offer are:

  • Real-Time Visualisation using Vcam in UE5 for pre-viz and virtual scouting.
  • 2D (video projection) 2.5D and 3D (UE projection) In-Camera VFX for LED stages.
  • Simulcam for real-time compositing of AR virtual sets and real-time VFX using green / blue screen.


We’ll also show you as part of each pipeline how to integrate motion capture, camera tracking, and studio clock technologies.

Remote Access OSF Studio Equipment

Training is held by a direct remote connection to our GODBOX computer systems, so you don’t even need to have your own latency optimised PC, you can connect to and learn on GODBOX computers in our training lab. You can also connect to and learn how to use and operate a number of professional virtual production tools and technologies from our GODBOX system partners.

  • Ncam
  • Vicon
  • Arri
  • BlackMagic


Choose the pipelines you want to learn, or take the full OSF pipeline training course. Training for each pipeline takes around 6 hours in total broken over 1 day, conducted via remote tutors. OSF crews are world renowned for building VP studios and training VP studio crews worldwide. Training takes place Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm GMT.

What you’ll need to take part.

We recommend that you have a basic understanding of Unreal Engine, how files are organised and how the general UE interface is laid out. We will take you through each pipeline in a step by step way to get you to set up and run each pipeline.

You will need your own local computer.

You can buy a GODBOX Desktop PC that are especially built for virtual production and real-time VFX artists, or use your own.

We recommend at least 32MB of RAM, at least an 8 core processor and an NVIDIA RTX GPU.  Also, you will need a webcam and ideally a large or even 2 monitors. We recommend a minimum 50 Mbps internet connection for direct video and remote PC connection. You will learn using your own computer and by remote connection to the OSF GODBOX systems and OSF partner technologies.

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