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On-Set Facilities

On-Set Facilities moves to OpTIC Centre St Asaph

A revolutionary space science and technology complex, The OpTIC Technology Centre in St. Asaph, is to be the new home of Virtual Production and VFX company On-Set Facilities.

On-Set Facilities (OSF), like many other tech companies, started out life in a garage, or in this case a 100-year-old British Legion wooden hut. 5 years later, and now seen as one of the world’s top virtual production and VFX start-ups, OSF are to move into one of the UK’s leading space technology and science facilities.

Since opening in 2017, OSF has been quietly working with the world’s top studios, Universal, Netflix, and with brands Coke, BMW, and most recently VP Supervising for Government projects such as the 2022 climate change conference COP27 (to be held this year in Egypt).

OSF has moved their team out of the old hut, into what is one of the world’s most advanced space technology and science facilities. The OpTIC Technology Centre in St Asaph in North Wales. ‘It’s where they made the worlds biggest mirrors for the worlds biggest telescope, it’s like a NASA’ and its where space science now meets science fiction, as the growing OSF VP-VFX crew moves in.

“We loved our old place, it’s where we built our first GODBOX and developed our very first virtual production pipelines. We’ll still be keeping it, only now it will be our props store and workshop, but we couldn’t really expect our growing team of artists and technicians to join us there, it was freezing cold in the winter and like a sauna in the summer.

We’ve had our eye’s on the OpTIC Technology Centre since we first opened for business, but over the past few years, before lockdown, we spent so much time away working on sets around the world, we never really needed anything more than our hut. We’d moved our GODBOX manufacturing to a high-tech facility before COVID hit. Now as our production service and VFX business is lifting off, we’ve decided it was the right time to take our own professional space, in a space centre.” said OSF Founder and VP Supervisor Asa Bailey.

The new OSF UK base will become home for the team’s first full-time VP crew and a growing team of Unreal Engine VFX artists, with the company now being attached to provide both VFX and Virtual Production Supervision services on a number of international movies, series and game projects. Bailey said, “We are mainly building our Supervisor and Technical roster here in the UK, and we are very committed to growing the creative sector and creating jobs here in North Wales.”

Asa Bailey
On-Set Facilities Founder and Virtual Production Supervisor Asa Bailey talks at an event in Madrid.

OSF was founded in Wales, a truly Welsh VFX company and the first in North Wales to have ever reached such success internationally, Bailey said “North Wales is a truly spectacular place to live and work, it’s a mini New Zealand, I have been lucky to have travelled all over the world, and we choose Wales.

Yet, sometimes I think it chooses us, it’s a country that gets into your heart the Welsh even have a word for it “hiraeth” which means a longing for your homeland. We have everything we need here, history, legends, landscapes, we have good hard working and educated people, and people who want to work hard in creative jobs, and then go off rock climbing, mountain biking, or to the beach, at the weekend.”

On-Set Facilities are represented worldwide as a creative studio and VP-VFX facility. With reps in Madrid, Hungary, and Los Angeles the team is often away Supervising on-set. But increasingly OSF clients are asking for services such as 3D visualisation, 3D design, VP and VFX Artistry, and these are jobs where people need to have a space where they can come to work together. Remote work is a big part of the OSF culture, the company pioneered remote 3D collaboration in Unreal Engine deploying multi-user cloud technologies.

“Even though we are all over the globe working on sets, or working remotely from behind a desk at home, this new modern space will give everyone in the organisation a chance to come together. Virtual production and now VFX too, are real-time interactive endeavours, there’s nothing better than taking a Director or DOP on an assisted VR virtual location scouting mission, sure we can do that remote, but we now have the space to do it all in person too.” Said Bailey.


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