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Louisa Bremner

Virtual Production Lead

​Louisa Bremner works as a Virtual Production Supervisor on a roster of large scale productions. With a extensive background in real-time technology spanning across multiple industries from game design, virtual reality and architectural visualisation. 

Recently, Louisa received her PhD for research in user centred design for Augmented Reality apps for children with ASD, showing her passion and understanding of user interface design.

Louisa has worked on projects that include: House of Dragons, Matrix 4, and Pinocchio.

House Of Dragons Virtual Production
Virtual production on House of Dragons
Season 1 House of Dragons
Louisa Bremner House Of Dragons
Disney Pinocchio Virtual Production
Louisa Bremner Disney Pinocchio
Matrix 4 Virtual Production
Matrix 4 In-Camera VFX
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Disney Logo
HBO Logo
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