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Green Screen Virtual Production Workshop

Established by the team at London South Bank University (UK), Hi3 Network (Maidstone) was set up to explore virtual production theory, methods, and to introduce VP technologies and techniques to UK SME businesses. When they built the studios, OSF supplied Hi3 with a number of GODBOX virtual production solutions including hardware, software, pipeline training and consultancy support. Then last week as part of our ongoing support of the studio, Hi3 asked OSF to run a virtual filmmaking workshop, Directed by On-Set Facilities Co-Founders and VP Supervisors Asa Bailey and Ruben Bailey.

A Workshop in Virtual Filmmaking

ABOUT THE SOLUTION: At Hi3 labs at Maidstone Studios we have a GODBOX Real-Time Pipeline Solution, that integrates Ncam, Unreal Engine, Black Magic, ASUS, and NVIDIA technologies to enable real-time 4K 422 10Bit on-set VFX visualisation, where shots are rendered and recorded to disk in real-time, using the real-time rendering power of GODBOX and Unreal Engine. With VFX shots being recorded by the system live on-set, the 4K real-time composited shots are then quickly sent to editorial for a grade and mix.

Meanwhile, all the shots original RAW data is also recorded for post, including the original camera footage files, camera tracking data, and the position of the CG background are also recorded on the system, with timecode intact, this data is stored securely, and then ready to be passed at the end of the shoot to the On-Set Post Supervisors.

ABOUT THE FILM: Here you can watch what we shot using real-time VFX on the GODBOX System “it turned in to what looks like a homage to Hammer Horror shot in the Metaverse” Said Asa Bailey, who supplied the props for the shoot from his Highgate Vampire Universe.

Using the workshop attendees as their VP crew, the OSF team conducted the set, getting everyone involved. “We took just one highly improvised shoot day to capture the film. We then spent the next day sifting through what we had shot and pulling some kind of story out of it. You can see what we shot in the video above. We hacked the SFX together from stock and royalty free online available SFX. Essentially all the digital assets came from various markets.” Said Bailey.

The Actor (Lance) came forward out of the people there, he also happens to be one of the the UK’s top Blackmagic Resolve Trainers, while a young lady from Formula 1 took the role of the AC pulling focus, the founder of a production company jumped in as the Gaffer. Everyone there got involved. On the first day we mostly discussed the importance of virtual pre-production and simulating production inside of the engine. Day 2, we shot the film you can see here.

PHOTOS FROM THE DAY: We want to say a big thank you to everyone who attended and to Hi3 team for putting on the workshop. Given the trains went on strike and we had arctic conditions across the UK, everyone made a great effort, diving into the many possibilities of on-set VFX. Merry Christmas.


Ruben Bailey Technical Director On-Set Facilities

Director Asa Bailey VP Supervisor

Hi3 Network Maidstone Studios


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