On-Set Facilities

Virtual Production

Equipment Hire

On-Set Computers


Hire GODBOX UE workstations, servers and network solutions for your next production. Providing low-latency processing and data transport for real-time production. Available complete with operation and on-set support for UE5, Omniverse, Unity and more.

On-Set Facilities


3D Tracking Solutions

Hire our 3D tracking solution that uses depth sensing cameras, motion capture, AI, and machine vision to track cameras, people, sets, and stages, with sub mm accuracy, live preview, and post data export for Maya, Nuke, Unreal Engine and more.

On-Set Facilities


Stage Design and Build

Working with LED panel and lighting manufacturers and the world’s biggest network of stage equipment providers, OSF supply a wide range of markets with stage design, supervision, and operation services. 

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