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Capture Dome™


360º Realtime Virtual Production Stages

Geodesic structures for volumetric capture, motion capture, realtime VFX and animation, the Capture Dome™ is a 360º virtual production capture stage for studio and on-location use.

• Rigid steel construction
• From 30m to 700m floor area
• For internal and external use
• Built to building safty standards

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With extremely high strength in relation to construction load, allowing the suspension of lighting and cameras and sensors.


Available with or without covers and lighting in a number of colour options including chroma key green and blue.


Available from 6m diameter (30m floor area) to 30m diameter (700m floor area) with many configurations in-between.

Vantage Motion Capture

Add Vantage Motion Capture to your Capture Dome™

The most powerful processing algorithms and electronics, combined with industry-leading tracking and data fidelity, equip your Capture Dome™ with Vicon’s leading range of motion capture cameras and systems.

Add 4DViews Volumetric Video Capture to Capture Dome™

4DViews’ volumetric capture system, has been designed with years of experience in entertainment and XR productions, to provide an easy and reliable volumetric capture solution to professional studios worldwide.