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Film Grain Method used on The Wonder Netflix

Adding Real Film Grain Looks to Digital Footage

While hunting out for a way to better sell-in our real-time VFX shots we came across this, which has to be the ultimate way of adding film grain to your digital video. The company Cinelab will take your digital master, shoot it to real cinema film stock (8mm, 16mm 35mm) and then rescan the negative film stock, including the natural grain of the film, back to digital. It has to be the most analogue way of achieving the film look. Here’s the full post. But we’ve put a few examples of the process results below. In these examples of the DFD process you can see the results of taking digital footage to film, and back again.

If you want to know more about applying film grain effects digitally there’s a great page here on Adobe. If you want to download some film grain effects and get trying them out yourself, here is a good round up of both free and paid for options.

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