On-Set Facilities

Virtual Production Supervision Technology and Crew Solutions

On-Set Facilities provide virtual studios and production companies around the world with experienced talent and industry standard technology.







Stage Crews

One Platform One Vision

That’s the ideology that enables On-Set Facilities (OSF) to provide productions around the world with the most reliable virtual production technology and crew solutions.

Founded in 2015, On-Set Facilities is a collective of virtual production supervisors, designers, and talent, led by veteran filmmaker and studio virtual production supervisor, Asa Bailey.

Working on-set and remote in the cloud, Bailey, OSF crews, and OSF production innovation solutions, can be found powering and supporting production studios, sets, and stages, worldwide.

In 2018, OSF launched the first OSF Unreal Engine based real-time Simulcam pipeline. With the  arrival of LED in-camera VFX, and over 10,000 hours of on-set virtual production, today, OSF provide complete virtual production departments.

In 2020, OSF launched GODBOX the latency optimised studio compute solution that uses a proprietary multi-node architecture to power multiple applications in real-time.

Using open, native, real-time technologies, GODBOX now powers virtual production pipelines, running both on-set and in the cloud.

Today, GODBOX and OSF crew power and support studios and productions around the globe with virtual production supervision, crew and technology solutions, working for both major studios and independent productions.

In 2023 OSF founder Asa Bailey joined Netflix as Studio Virtual Production Supervisor, overseeing production innovation across scripted and non-scripted, films, and series. 

Meanwhile, OSF crew and solutions are  represented globally, through OSF co-production studios and partners around the world.