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About OSF

On-Set Facilitities™

On-Set Facilities™ develop on-set computer systems.

On-Set Facilities™ is a British company that develop real-time virtual production (VP) systems that enable creators to shoot content on virtual sets, visualise and collaborate in virtual space, capture real-time animation, human performances, remotly record and broadcast UHD video media content, all in real-time.

Unlike cloud based computing, real-time virtual production requires the use of powerful on-set edge computers. Often referred to as render engines or render nodes, these high powered PC machines generate low latency, high frame rate, high resolution, real-time graphics, on-set. Furthermore, each render engine is often given a specific on-set role, be that for running motion-capture equipment, driving large LED walls as virtual backdrops, tracking lights and cameras, controlling remote cameras, or rendering fully virtual worlds and characters for virtual shooting.

Our customers include some of the worlds top Studios, Producers and Directors. As well as developing proprietary solutions and technologies, On-Set Facilities™ are Arri Certified System Partners, Official Resellers for Ncam, Mo-Sys and Blackmagic. Founded by Director Asa Bailey On-Set Facilities™ have been developing on-set computers and solutions since 2016. Most recently we have been working with Epic Games to develop the Unreal Engine and we have won a  number of contracts to build and supply virtual production systems and provide certified virtual production support crew to studios and productions in the USA, Canada and across Europe.

How we can help

Grow your media production business with On-Set Facilities™.

On-set system sales and support

All our systems are batale tested on-set, and we provide on-set and remote support for your virtual productions.

Virtual studio design and build

On-Set Facilities™ design and integrate real-time virtual production studio solutions complete with installation and training.

Virtual production services

On-Set Facilities™ provide virtual production crew and systems support to production companies, studios and stages.

Education and training

On-Set Facilities™ enable partners worldwide to deliver virtual production specific education, training and workshops.

Togther with our partners