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About On-Set Facilities

On-Set Facilities (OSF) is a cooperative studio concept whose focus is the fusion of the non-linear mindset of virtual production with the world of CGI, made possible by the continuous evolution and development of AI, volume LED, and real-time game engine technologies.


Fundamental, for the artists and technologists, who are the principals of the studio and who collaborate seamlessly from concept through execution on projects across the full spectrum of the entertainment industry, is the collective understanding that visual storytelling, image making, and entertainment experiences of all stripes begin with and are creatively bound by production design.

Virtual Production Design


Driven by design, the OSF team provides interactive access to all segments of production from concept imagery to locations, storyboarding to pre-vis, as well as supervision through live-action production in volume LED environments, or with fully CG visualization and animation for instant render fidelity. Their virtual production front-loaded pipeline enables every creative department to make decisions in real-time, which is a marked contrast to the linear and drawn out pipelines of the past.


OSF’s creative leads are all recognized as global leaders in virtual production technology, and as a collective, have an impressive body of work and a wealth of experience in feature films, episodic television, as well as branded and experiential content.

Sustainable Production


Beyond their collaborative technology and creative talents, the OSF team have a shared commitment to the advantages of green production technology and sustainability afforded by virtual production, and the reduction of the traditional impact of our industry upon the environment.

Technology and Art


At its core, OSF is an innovative melding of art and technology, and the company’s future as well as its present are tied to a continual re-investment in the research and development of non-linear, real-time production.


OSF’s larger goals are to democratize the virtual production workflow and to make it accessible to any scale project. Ultimately that scalability, linked with the studio’s DNA in innovation, results in a more streamlined process that liberates filmmakers.


OSF and its collaborators embrace existing and emerging technologies (AI image generation, xR, and the continued development of virtual production) as the digital toolset to explore new ideas and unlock the creative potential in every facet of the entertainment industry.

At OSF, the future is here.

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