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Unreal Engine Virtual Production Solutions

Designed by On-Set Facilities, GODBOX is the fully integrated solution for Unreal Engine virtual production.

About us

GODBOX enables you to embrace virtual production in the shortest amount of time as possible, by bringing together all hardware and software, with technical training and support, in to one fully integrated, Unreal Engine based, virtual production solution.

What's in the box

Full spectrum UE5 virtual production.

LED Virtual production

Low Latency

GODBOX solutions feature exclusive latency reduction technology that improves workload throughput by maximizing processor frequency and boost power, reducing overall system latency.

Power Saving

GODBOX thermal sense technology with ambient sensors for internal and external temperature monitoring, lowers your compute power consumption by up to 20%.

GODBOX USB Licence Key

App Specific BIOS

In the BIOS you can choose from pre-configured server profiles optimized for specific workloads, maximizing system performance and reducing configuration time.

Unreal Engine Training

Training and Support

Virtual Production Support, Training, and Consultancy services, access to OSF VP Supervisors, Developers, and Engineers. Your GODBOX comes with OSF support services.

Our customers


Save time

Fully integrated with training and support, GODBOX enables you to embrace real-time virtual production in the shortest amount of time as possible.

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