3D Camera Tracking

Realtime Pipeline™ Powered by Mo-Sys

Realtime 3D tracking forms an important part of the OSF Realtime Pipeline™ to provide high quality FBX data for virtual cameras, motion capture and motion control.

OSF use Mo-Sys 3D camera encoders for realtime composting, realtime VFX and animation within the OSF Realtime Pipeline™ virtual production solution.

OSF Crew Certified by Mo-Sys

Certified and trained by Mo-sys engineering, OSF crews work with the full range of Mo-Sys 3D encoding systems, from StarTracker to the Mo-Sys Lambda head.

We provide on-set support for realtime 3D camera tracking, to enable facilities, studios and VFX supervisors to capture and record high quality 3D data (FBX) on-set.  

What is 3D Camera Tracking?

3D camera tracking is how we capture the movements of your physical camera and transform it into a virtual camera.

This enables crews to mirror onset camera moves within a virtual environment, providing VFX departments with accurate 3D data.