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Virtual Production Training

Online Virtual Production Courses

Live online virtual production training

Live via Zoom interactive video conferencing.

Pipelines and use cases

Learn about all the various virtual production pipelines and use cases, from on-set previs and real-time compositing on green screens to LED set replacement and realtime character animation.

Virtual Production hardware

Learn about the hardware required to deliver real-time shoots, with hands-on training with Unreal Engine, Mo-Sys, Arri, Ncam and OSF products you’ll get first hand experience with VP hardware.

Virtual production crew

We train Producers how to budget and schedule virtual productions, Directors, DP’s how to shoot virtual scenes and Designers and Artists how to create real-time assets.

Virtual production data

At the end of your training you’ll be able to take away a copy of your virtual production data set so you can carry on developing your pipeline back at your own studio.

UE4 Virtual Production Training
Blue – Beginner Courses

Beginer experince of Unreal Engine is required to get the most out of blue courses.

Intermediate courses
Red – Intermediate Courses

Intermediate experince of Unreal Engine is required to get the most out of red courses.

Expert Courses
Black – Expert Courses

Advanced understanding of Unreal Engine is required to get the most out of black courses.

Available Zoom courses

VP101 – Introduction to Virtual Production

A live interactive 2 hour intensive online course introducing the core concepts of virtual production. Covering key VP use cases, methods, hardware and software.

UE4 Virtual Production Training

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