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OSF virtual production system rentals

Leave set with real-time rendered VFX shots, visualise live action and CGI environments on-set in real-time digitally recording camera motion, actor performance and digital visual effects in real-time.

Trained and certified Crew

We provide our own Specialised crew members to work on your productions. We have a network of trained virtual production crew.  

On-set Previs and Visulation

Our systems provide on-set previs to help everyone on set from gaffers to talent, our realtime VFX systems allow crew to visualise all 3D content there and then. 

Fixed Crew Rates

OSF provide fixed rates for your budgets and productions. Our trained crew and  VFX systems are all available for daily weekly and annual rentals. 

Leave Set with VFX Deliverables

The OSF systems provide your post production with a variety of deliverables from motion capture data to Tracking FBX, we provide it all. 

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Daily weekly and annual rental is available