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Real-Time VFX Studio

£99,950.00 ex. Vat

Real-Time Film Production Studio System shoot real actors on virtual sets with animation and special effects in real-time. Delivers camera RAW, broadcast and UHD composite with real-time 10bit compositing layers and live recording of FBX camera motion data.


Unreal Engine / Mo-Sys / OSF Virtual Studio Solution for Real-Time Film Animation and VFX

Single camera virtual production system (expandable to multi-cam) aimed at the needs of independent film producers, VFX facilities and those looking to provide real-time filmmaking and on-set VFX pre-visualisation.

Working with our manufacturing partners at Mo-Sys Engineering, OSF have designed this complete UHD virtual studio system that comes with all software and hardware included in a 19″ systems rack with data layer recorders and hardware chromakey as well as a powerful OSF Greta virtual studio workstation that comes with OSFX Bios and Mo-Sys Startracker 3D camera tracker, price show is for the complete system kit with turn-key OSF support services available on request. The system records in camera and as VFX layers recording 10bit ProRes and DNxHD video formats in UHD, with time-coded hardware and software integration to produce film, TV and animation content in real-time.

The systems output deliverables can be described as:

Optical camera RAW (recorded on the card in camera at camera native format and resolution, FPS) UHD CGI Composite (for immediate offline editing) UHD Key layer (a 10bit UHD hardware real-time rendered chromakey layer) UHD CGI background layer (UHD background layer of the Unreal set) UHD CGI foreground layer (UHD background layer of the Unreal set) .FBX camera motion data (an FBX data file that can be imported into 3D applications) Camera meta data .csv (lens information and set data for post) Unreal project (contains all separate takes data as time coded individual takes)

System price shown includes

1 x OSF Virtual Studio Workstation, 1 x Mo-Sys Startracker and all the necessary peripherals to record broadcast and UHD real-time VFX in camera RAW with a composite UHD video file and separate UHD VFX video layers and data stack for post-production.

  • Mo-Sys Startracker 3D Camera Tracking Kit
  • Mo-Sys VP Studio Plugin for Unreal Engine
  • 20m VP camera cables
  • OSF Greta Virtual Studio Workstation
  • SDI Video Hub
  • Hardware Chromakey
  • 4 x SSD Data Recorders
  • 19” flight case
  • 19″ system rack and cables
  • Keyboard mouse
  • 2 x 4K monitors
  • 1 x Smartview Duo
  • 1 x on set 50” 4K viewing monitor with wheeled stand
  • All cabling and SDI to HDMI kits
  • Encoding Service for 5 x prime lenses or 1 zoom lens

About this system

Price shown is for a 1 camera system with 1 x OSF Greta Virtual Studio Workstation with Mo-Sys 3D camera tracking. Up to 16 additional cameras can be added as required with the correct additional switches, additional camera trackers and licenses as required. With an open architecture, studios can easily expand OSF virtual production systems and replace components as needed and with standardised software, systems can be easily returned to default settings. The system also includes, all monitors, cables, 1 x 19” system rack flight case, 1 x 20m camera cable, 1 x Mo-Sys Startracker, Mo-Sys Studio UV reflective stars are supplied in line with your stages dimensions, includes all data recorders with an integrated hardware chromakey engine. For virtual studio software, virtual sets, real-time animation and VFX the system uses Unreal Engine along with UE virtual production plug-ins developed by Mo-Sys.