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On-Set Render Engine (4U)

£12,650.00 ex. Vat

Rack Mount UE4 Workstation

Rack mounted UE4 workstations with RTX8000 GPU 48GB and 128GB Ram with OSFX bios tuned to power through real-time VFX and virtual production workflows.


OSF Rack Mounted UE4 Workstation Tech Specification

  • Intel i9 8 Core 3.6GHz
  • 48GB RTX 8000 GPU
  • 128GB (4x32GB) DDR4 RAM
  • 2TB SSD 3500MB/s Read, 2500MB/s Write
  • 8K Pro 8 lane PCI I/O capture and playback card
  • Platinum 1200W PSU
  • Silent Slim CPU Cooler
  • OS Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

OSF Unreal Engine Workstation Product Description

A rack-mount standard 19 inch (4U) on-set render engine designed for reliability, speed and developed for use on-set with Unreal Engine, in production critical environments where maintaining frame rate in the engine is critical to on-set real-time VFX and VP workflows, with OSFX Bios for virtual production the OSF UE4 workstation is a professional realtime virtual production workstation, optimised for real-time on-set virtual production in Unreal Engine.

3 year warranty and On-Set Support™

Game engines are at the heart of real-time technologies used across feature films, television, animation, or mixed reality. Armed with a powerful range of OSF workstations creators can produce stunning, immersive VR/AR content fast and efficiently. All OSF workstations come with a 3 year return warranty. On-Set Support is available on annual SLA.

Developed in collaboration with the industry

Aligned to the latest advances in Unreal Engine and leading 2D and 3D CG software applications and built in collaboration with innovative technology partners Epic Games, NVIDA, Blackmagic, OSF workstations are designed for on-set VR/AR mixed reality virtual production workflows.

Power and reliability out the box

Each Realtime OSF workstation design has been battle-tested on the front line of cutting-edge virtual productions, and before leaving the OSF UK manufacturing centre each OSF workstation undergoes 24 hours of stress tests for speed, reliability, power and build quality.

OSFX Bios for Virtual Production

Stability is everything on-set, and so all OSF workstation GPU and CPU specifications are given as the minimum OSF workstations come complete with OSFX Bios for virtual production applications and optimised to burst through real-time graphic rendering tasks.