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Real-Time Animation Studio

£27,000.00 ex. Vat

UE4 Facial Capture and Animation Studio shoot real-time animation with real actors using iPhone X and Rokoko and an infinite number of UE virtual cameras to produce UHD real-time animation content.


Unreal Engine Real-time Animation and Facial Capture Studio

Working with our partners we have designed this mixed reality studio solution to enable studios to create stunning immersive experience and visualise mixed reality experiences that combine the virtual and physical world. With high-end processing for VR/AR and realtime animation production this system utilise up to 4 UHD video I/O channels for mixed reality that’s expandable to record up to 8K mixed reality footage.

System price shown includes (TBC)

1 x OSF UE4 Artist Workstation, 2 x iPhone X, 2 x Head mount for iPhone X, 2 x Rokoko Smartsuit Pro. OSF 8TB storage system for real-time animation.

Filming with virtual cameras inside Unreal Engine

Instead of using real on-set cameras this system is designed to shoot virtual cameras inside of Unreal Engine shooting real-time animations with live facial capture streamed via iPhone X app. To shoot as many angles as you want and output your takes to an external SSD. The system also includes, all monitors, cables with integrated real-time facial capture software for iPhone X.