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VR Mixed Reality Studio

£47,000.00 ex. Vat

VR/AR Mixed Reality Studio shoot real actors in virtual reality. A real-time mixed reality studio solution supports 1 on-set 4k witness camera with an infinite number of UE virtual cameras to produce UHD mixed reality content.


VR Mixed Reality Studio

Working with our partners OSF have designed this mixed reality studio solution to enable studios and creators to produce stunning realtime UHD immersive experiences and visualise mixed reality content VR and AR applications shooting real actors in virtual space, combining the virtual and physical world.

With high-end real-time processing at the bios level with OSF Bios for real-time graphic rendering on an OSF RT2 Mixed Reality Studio Workstation, this system design utilises up to 4 UHD video I/O channels to project up to 4 video planes into your engine environments.

  • OSFX Mixed Reality Workstation
  • SDI Video Hub
  • Hardware Chromakey
  • 4 x SSD Data Recorders
  • 19” flight case system rack
  • Keyboard mouse 
  • 2 x 4K monitors
  • 1 x Smartview Duo 
  • 1 x on set 50” 4K viewing monitor with wheeled stand
  • Cabling and SDI to HDMI kit
  • 20m VP camera cables

VR Mixed Reality – Filming with virtual cameras inside Unreal Engine

Instead of using real on-set cameras this system is designed to use 1 to 4 UHD on-set witness camera (not included) to inject a photo live video plane into your engine. To add motion and cinematic shots you can create as many virtual cameras inside of your engine as you want, to shoot as many angles as you want and output your takes to the included 4 x UHD data recorders. You will require 1 data recorder for each camera. This system works with any UHD video camera (not supplied) with an SDI video output. In our labs we use the Black Magic URSA which produce great 4.6k video planes in Unreal Engine at 12G data speeds.

The system also includes, all monitors, cables, 1 x 20m camera cable, 4 x Data Recorders with integraited 10bit UHD chromakey hardware renderer. For virtual studio software, virtual sets, real-time animation and VFX the system uses the latest version of Unreal Engine along with a suit of virtual production plug-ins. NOTE: System comes without on-set camera tracking but technologies such as Ncam or Mo-Sys can be added upon request.