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Optimising For Real-time VFX

Virtual Production Technology

Optimising For Real-time VFX

If you are looking to create visual effects such as live compositing or benefit from real-time animation and filmmaking, you’ll more than likely want to create sets and assets in a game engine like Unreal Engine. Here’s a quick run down of the things you can do to optimise your graphic assets and virtual sets.

Take a look at Simplygone

Simplygone 3D asset optimisation

Following up on what Epic suggest on their documentation, Simplygone is used in the games industry for optimising 3D meshes and reducing polygon counts. It also has the ability to re-mesh and from the looks of things it does a tidy job of smoothing irregular vertex.

Follow what Epic Games Suggest, we advise anyone looking to get into real-time VFX to brush up on how game developers optimise their assets and levels.

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