As well as providing realtime virtual production on-sets worldwide, OSF operate a growing number of virtual studio spaces, sales and service centres.


Parque Tecnológico de Madrid
Calle Isaac Newton, 5
28760 Tres Cantos Madrid

Madrid Green Screen Studio Facilities

Green Screen Studio Madrid
OSF Green Screen Studios Madrid.
  1. 500m² Virtual Production Studio (Green Infinity Curve)
  2. OSF Virtual Production Systems Desk
  3. Realtime Streaming and Recording Desk
  4. Realtime Colour Correction & Editing Desk
  5. Directors Monitors and Work Desk
  6. DMX Lighting Control Desk
  7. Engineering Desk
  8. Client / Producers Viewing Area
  9. Realtime VFX Conductors Desk
  10. Actors / Crew Studio Projector
  11. Dressing Room 1
  12. Dressing Room 2
  13. Facilities and Catering
  14. Stand by Props Area

In Madrid OSF occupies a sound proofed 500sqm green-screen virtual production stage, with Arri Sky Panel studio lighting, on-set cast and crew facilities, on-site realtime render-farm and fully equipped realtime virtual production facility.

With ample outside parking and double loading studio doors, large set builds, cars and vehicles can enter the stage easily. With 24 hour access 365 days a year, 3 phase and domestic electric and on-site security.

The Madrid studio is situated just 15 minutes drive from Madrid International Airport with daily direct flights from the UK, USA and worldwide. (UK flights are regular at least twice a day from most UK airports.)

OSF can provide a full service production package and support visiting productions, including organising accommodation, flights and airport pick-ups and drop-offs.