Building Film & TV Sets For Real-Time Compositing

One of the most common questions we get asked, is how we build film and TV sets for real-time compositing and virtual set production. Well, below you can see the way we use real props and stage items to add reality to our virtual sets. Actors can interact as normal with the props and set dressings just like they do in a real location or studio set build.

Green Screen Virtual Sets
What the virtual stage and set really looks like.
Virtual Stage Sets For Film & TV
Live compositing on-set composite preview.

Based on the film and TV productions we have been working on over the past few months we’ve seen upto 70% of live composited shots in Unreal Engine, going directly into our on-set edit system, without the need for any post compositing. All the live composited shots need is once over glance from our on-set real-time supervisors, before the shot can go directly on-set into the projects post pipe-line.

Virtual Sets Dressing
Live compositing, on-set monitor shot.

With on-set live compositing, on-set editing and on-set colour grades, we are not only seeing productions able to shoot more footage in less time, they are also cutting shoot costs or releasing budget to spend in other areas.

Virtual Sets Demo

If you are interested in shooting your content, film or TV production, taking advantage of OSF real-time production systems, you can organise a studio visit to our Madrid studios by contacting our Managing Director Asa Bailey at