A short Essay on Volumetric Filmmaking

May I share how I believe directing and shooting in a digital volume (360, light depth, VR etc) will begin to change how we make films and content, and ultimately tell visual stories.

I’d also like to invite other cinematographers, actors and directors to join me in embracing these new filmmaking techniques, today.

For I believe virtual production and volumetric filmmaking will give birth to a new age in artistic storytelling, but it will in the beginning at least, borrow heavily from seasons in the past, and take us back to another time in cinema history.

Firstly – If you agree, film is all about capturing a performance and managing how it is then retold, you’ll enjoy the future. For I believe virtual storytelling and volumetric capture will focus storytellers on the craft of performance, direction, and story. Here’s my thinking:

Examples of modern editing style in film and American cinema.

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The Immersive Production Spectrum

The Immersive Production Spectrum.
The Immersive Production Spectrum.

Developed by OSF to educate Producers and Directors in new digital production techniques, the Immersive Production Spectrum illustrates the full spectrum of computerised content production.

Starting with live-action (digital) capture on the left, to augmented reality production (real-time VFX) in the middle, and fully computerised virtual production methods on the far right.

The Immersive Production Spectrum is not intended to pitch one technique over another. Instead, it acts as a loose roadmap to enable Producers and Directors to evaluate and employ new technologies within their content productions.