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Ai Colour Grading

AI Colour Grading with Fylm.ai

Introducing Fylm.ai the Ai colour grading toolset able to create a 3D LUT from any supplied image. Fylm’s deep learning neural networks model, has been trained exclusively on millions of cinematic frames to provide users with the best possible colour grade in record times.

Ai Auto Correct

The difficult part of colour grading with Ai is the creative human inputs which make the perfect lut in context of that specific shot. Fylm.ai’s autocorrect feature understands the context behind the image and helps you retain the desired creative look while correcting the imperfections.

Fylm.ai offers users 2 variants of Auto Correct, “Favour Context” and Favour Neutrality”. The Favour Context option will perform a correction within the original context of the image. For example, if the original image is dark and cold, AI Auto Correct will try to preserve that feeling when correcting the image. Usually, you would want to use this option when you want to retain the original atmosphere of the image which is based on a creative intent.

The “Favour Neutrality” is for when you need a absolute correction, will perform an absolute correction regardless of the image’s original context. Which isn’t great for creative recordings but could be very useful when working with materials that were shot with incorrect settings for the shooting conditions.

RAW Input
Auto Corrected Output

For Example the image above, is the slight blue tint a creative choice or is it a white balance error? I’m going to go with its a creative choice, and funny enough the Ai came to the same conclusion. (Done with favour context setting preference)

AI Colour Match

Just like the Colour correction tools Fylm.ai offers two options for colour matching, “Favor Context“ and “Favor Absoluteness“.

Favour Context – AI Colour Match will extract a colour grade within the original context of user’s image and the Match. The Ai will then preserve the feelings of the original input image more so then the match itself.

Favor Absoluteness – With the favour absoluteness option the Ai will extract a colour grade while favouring the context of the Match. For example, if the original image is bright, but the Match is dark, AI Colour Match will darken the image so it more closely resembles the Match.

OSF Test

We tried the AI colour grading out for ourselves on our recent fine pitch led wall demo and these were the results:

Ai AutoCorrect Raw frame
Ai Auto Correct – Raw frame
Ai AutoCorrect - Context
Ai AutoCorrect – Favour Context
Ai AutoCorrect - Favour Neutrality
Ai AutoCorrect – Favour Neutrality

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