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OSF system sales rental service and support

Shoot AR and VR special effects on-set, OSF virtual production (VP) systems incorporate real-time rendering, live compositing, and performance capture, scout 3D environments, visualise worlds and shoot in real-time.

Real-time animation and facial capture

Choose your systems form and function

Installed on-set by industry certified VP system engineers.

Real-time compositing and set extensions

Visualise composited camera RAW with 4K CG backgrounds, 4K chromakey masks, all timecoded with lens and shot meta-data and FBX camera tracking data.

Choose Ncam or Mo-Sys VP

Camera tracking hardware and software captures your camera moves as re-playable takes in Unreal Engine for on-set visualisation and FBX export.

Real-time VFX previsualisation

View camera RAW and real-time composited shots on any screen on-set. With immediate playback for on-set review with real-time rendered VFX and CGI assets.

Rent or buy OSF VP systems

Available to hire or buy with all equipment, training and support, we equip soundstages and studios with our ready to shoot virtual production solutions.


Virtual Scouting

Design and explore virtual locations, lay-out shots, brief your teams and set-up cameras in VR, all you need is a PC and VR Headset.

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Rack Mounted UE4 Workstation

Real-Time Production

Bring your 3D locations and charachters to set with OSF on-set visualisation systems, live compositing, real-time animation and VFX.

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Xsens Motion Capture Suit

Post Production Data

Start editing before the end of the day with pre-composited shots. Our systems record all media and data in secure post friendly formats.

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Let’s build your system

On-Set Virtual Production PC Workstation

Battle tested and trusted on-set

OSF on-set VFX and VP systems

Designed from the motherboard up for reliable real-time production, OSF systems meet the latency, data and processing demands of real-time VFX and virtual production where it counts, on-set.

OSF Mo-Cap Helmet

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