OSF Real-time Service Production

THE POWER TO CREATE OSF Realtime Film & Content Production

OSF provide realtime production on-set, on-location and at a growing number of studios worldwide, providing a global realtime content production service. Cut your production times, reduce production costs and still deliver cinematic experiences, utilising the very latest in realtime film and virtual production technology.

OSF Realtime Production Showreel
  • Realtime Production
  • On-set Facilities
  • Realtime Service Production
  • VR/AR Production

OSF Real-time Systems

THE POWER TO CREATE OSF Real-time Hardware Sales, System Builds and Solutions

Live compositing, realtime VFX systems and facilities installation design and build.

Providing the hardware and software to push the boundaries of realtime production, On-set Facilities (OSF) is a real-time production system builder and solution integrator.

OSF build and supply on-set production systems, real-time VFX facilities, work-stations, live-render farms, and solutions that incorporate real-time previsualization, camera tracking, chroma, editing, colour correction and compositing.

  • System Design
  • System Build & Install
  • Software Sales
  • Hardware Sales
  • Realtime System Support
  • Pipeline Integration

OSF Realtime Studios & Soundstages

THE POWER TO CREATE OSF Real-time Studio Design & Build Service

Real-time Studio Design & Build Service Green Screen Studios Virtual Sets.

Increase creative opportunities and streamline your content production process with a fully designed and installed OSF real-time production studio. OSF work with leading vendors in real-time production to provide a worldwide, turn-key, real-time production studio design and build service.

  • Studio Design & Build
  • Green-Screen Installation
  • Hardware Sales
  • Software Sales
  • Realtime System Integration
  • Training & Support

OSF Realtime Pre-Production

THE POWER TO CREATE OSF Realtime Asset Creation and Pre-Production

Employing a full range of digital content creation (DCC) tools, OSF create virtual sets, characters, virtual objects and stages for real-time VFX and real-time production. OSF also work with VFX vendors and studios to prepare production assets for use in the most popular virtual and real-time production engines.