OSF Real-time Production

THE POWER TO CREATE OSF Real-time Production Solutions

On-Set Facilities (OSF) is a technology company and realtime production solution integrator, supplying on-set facilities, real-time production products and solutions to the worldwide content production industry.

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OSF Production Service

THE POWER TO CREATE OSF Worldwide Real-time Production Service

OSF real-time production showreel

OSF provide real-time content production services on-set, on-location and at a growing number of studios worldwide, providing a global content production service, utilising the very latest OSF real-time production products and solutions.

  • London
  • Madrid
  • Wales
  • Mexico

OSF also provide virtual production crew, training, hardware and software support services. Read more about OSF services.

OSF Real-time Systems

THE POWER TO CREATE OSF Real-time Hardware Software and VFX Systems

Live compositing, realtime VFX systems and facilities installation design and build.

Providing the hardware and software to push the boundaries of realtime production, On-set Facilities (OSF) is a real-time production system builder and solution integrator.

OSF build and supply on-set production systems, real-time VFX facilities, work-stations, live-render farms, and solutions that incorporate real-time previsualization, camera tracking, chroma, editing, colour correction and compositing.

  • System Design
  • System Build & Install
  • Software Sales
  • Hardware Sales
  • Realtime System Support
  • Pipeline Integration

OSF also provide realtime VFX crew, on-set training, hardware and software support services. Read more about OSF services.

OSF Real-time Studios

THE POWER TO CREATE OSF Real-time Studio Design & Build Service

Real-time Studio Design & Build Service Green Screen Studios Virtual Sets.

Increase creative opportunities and streamline your content production process with a fully designed and installed OSF real-time production studio. OSF work with leading vendors in real-time production to provide a worldwide, turn-key, real-time production studio design and build service.

  • Studio Design & Build
  • Green-Screen Installation
  • Hardware Sales
  • Software Sales
  • Realtime System Integration
  • Training & Support

OSF Unreal Asset Creation

THE POWER TO CREATE OSF Unreal Asset Creation

Employing a full range of digital content creation (DCC) tools, OSF create virtual sets, characters, virtual objects and stages for real-time VFX and real-time production. OSF also work with VFX vendors and studios to prepare production assets for use in the most popular virtual and real-time production engines.