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On-Set Facilities

Virtual Production Technology

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Attend Unreal Engine Certified Training via daily live video conference workshops, learn about professional VP hardware, software, pipelines and on-set best practices.

Welcome to On-Set Facilities™

Virtual Production Systems, Integration, Training, and Support.

On-Set Facilities™ develop powerful real-time virtual production systems that enable creators to shoot on virtual sets, visualise and collaborate in virtual space, capture human performances and record UHD broadcast quality video, all in real-time.

In-Camera VFX
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Off axis LED wall stages, real-time reflections and dynamic real-time lighting.

Augmented Production
Mixed Reality
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Real-time compositing live actors with augmented reality sets and digital VFX.

Virtual Production
Virtual Production
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VR scouting, mo-cap body and facial capture, digital characters, real-time animation.

Timecode and Genlock

Sync to industry standard timecode accross your entire on-set production pipeline.

Realtime Chromakey

4K 10bit 422 Chromakey Masks recorded in realtime and supplied as video files.

FBX Camera Motion Data

Real-time camera perfromance capture records camera motion in the engine with FBX export support.

Camera RAW Footage

Record your master footage in-camera at your cameras native settings and resolution.

UE Project Files

Re-run your entire virtual production in engine, edit and export data as takes for post production.

Realtime Composite Files

Realtime final pixel or previz 10bit 422 composited CG, live action video files, ready to edit.

On-set support and certified crew

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