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Realtime Pipeline™ is the worldwide on-set virtual production facility powered by Unreal Engine

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powered by NVIDA and Intel, Realtime Machines™ are PC workstations designed by On-Set Facilities for realtime virtual production applications.


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We supply virtual system components from leading manufacturers that are proven, reliable and trusted on-sets worldwide.


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Our partners in virtual production and spatial creation.

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Mo-sys Robotics in Unreal Engine

Controlling Robots from Inside Unreal Engine

A world first look at OSF director of virtual production Asa Bailey using the Mo-Sys Engineering team’s new code for controlling the Mo-Sys Lambda with Roll-Axis (Gravity, Life of Pie)[…]

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The Director of Virtual Production (DVP) role explained

Over the past few years Asa Bailey has been working on-set as a Director of Virtual Production in Unreal Engine. In this article Asa explains more about the DVP role[…]

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Creative Lighting Virtual Production

On-set lighting and reflections for Virtual Production in Unreal Engine.

In this post Director of Virtual Production Asa Bailey gives his views and a comparison between various methods for creating realtime reflections on set and why he favours those methods that[…]

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MDL 3D Texture

Quixel Partner with NVIDIA and what it means for Unreal Engine Developers

MDL may not be new, but now Quixel has partnered with NVIDIA to support MDL (Material Definition Language) and that means artists will now have access to more MDL ready[…]

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Unreal Engine realtime animation

Realtime Animation Pipeline in Unreal Engine

Animal logic the animation studio which has been making animation since 1991 has moved from the old rendering methods to the new Unreal Engine animation pipeline for its Realtime abilities.[…]

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Monitoring GPU / CPU Usage Virtual Production

While testing our early release Realtime Machines™ (our range of workstations for realtime virtual production) we thought we’d start sharing our methods with a list of tools we are using. We’ll[…]

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