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On-Set Facilities™

Virtual Production Technology

Turn-key VR/AR studio solutions including hardware software peripherals installation and support

On-Set Virtual Production PC Workstation

Built for virtual production

OSFX workstations meet the latency, data and processing demands of real-time VR/AR virtual production where it counts, at the computing level.

RT3 VR PC Studio Workstation Windows 10 Edition

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Shoot real actors in VR/AR virtual environments with digital characters animation and special effects in real-time

VR workstations software peripherals and support

Standardised equipment, software, and configuration translates into a robust sustainable solution. Return systems to default configurations fast.

Virtual Production Studio System

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On-Set training for you and your team

Training for your producers, directors, cinematographers, system operators, editors, environment and character designers on how to use VP systems.

Ncam Reality Camera Tracking

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